Kids Can Find Breathing Hard With Bad Bacteria

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Child coughing

We all know the ghastly damage tooth decay can do to children’s teeth. What many parents may be unaware of is that tooth decay, tender gums and periodontal disease can also increase the risk of lung infections.

That news can make even the sweetest candy bar leaving a long-term sour taste in kids’ overall health.

As’s Jenny Green notes, when oral bacteria travel from the mouth to the lungs, they can give way to dangerous viruses like pneumonia. This increases a person’s symptoms of chronic respiratory conditions like emphysema.

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How to Take the Teeth Out of Teething Pain

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Baby biting parent's finger during teething

As I watch my five-week-old daughter (thankfully) sleep peacefully, I’m silently dreading the painful cries and discomfort that are just a few months down the road. Unfortunately, they will be cries she can sink her new teeth into.

Alas, the beauty of baby teeth comes with a rough caveat: There will likely be screams, tears and my own fears of feeling helpless to ease her pain. The teething process can be extremely tough on infants, leading to tender and puffy gums.

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