How to Treat Your Child’s First Toothache

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For parents, there’s no greater pain than seeing your children in pain. And your child’s first toothache can be particularly distressing for parents searching for the best way to alleviate their child’s throbbing discomfort.

Toothaches have a variety of root causes. Most often, they are the result of a cavity. In some cases, a tooth may be broken. Still in other cases, the cause can be nothing more than a piece of food that has become wedged between teeth. But toothaches aren’t something you can expect to heal themselves or a matter the Tooth Fairy can take care of.

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How Kids Can Avoid a Halloween Nightmare on Sugar Street

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The scariest Halloween costume this year has nothing on what frightening looks kids’ teeth may be sporting if they enjoy All Hallows’ Eve to the sugary extreme. reports Americans will invest nearly $2.5 billion in candy this Halloween and the United States as a nation will scarf down 4 percent of its candy consumption for the year on the sweetest day of the calendar. That means October 31 could be a Nightmare On Sweet Street for your kids if they don’t enjoy Halloween in moderation.

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Early Childhood Caries: What Is It and How to Prevent It?

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If only a Snickers bar or a Coke a day kept cavities away, America’s kids would be living in sweets heaven.

Alas, Snickers bars and good childhood oral health don’t work that way. Today more than ever, America’s children are at risk for developing serious oral health problems due to poor oral hygiene practices. And no one, not even newborns to toddlers, are safe from oral health dangers.

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Two-Minute Healthy Teeth Rule

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National Brush Day Promotes Importance Of Kids’ Oral Health

Call It the Two-Minute Healthy Teeth Rule.

One hundred and twenty seconds of thorough tooth brushing twice a day goes a long way to keeping cavities far, far away from kids’ teeth. While 240 seconds may seem like an eternity to a fidgety, hyper 5-year-old, the value of smart brushing for two minutes twice a day, is priceless to kids’ oral health and parents’ weary checkbooks.

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The Crazy (and Disgusting) History of Mouthwash

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For as long as humans have been using tools, we’ve been cleaning our teeth! From toothbrushes made out of sticks, to dental floss made out of horse hair, we have always been mindful of our oral health. But what about mouthwash? When did we start swishing liquid around hoping for cleaner mouths?

Ancient Roman Mouthwash

There are references to mouthwash in Chinese, Greek, Egyptian and Roman literature, but the most well recorded early instances of humanity using mouthwash comes from ancient Rome, in A.D. 1. The Romans used to buy bottles of Portuguese urine and use that as a rinse. GROSS! Importing bottled urine became so popular that the emperor Nero taxed the trade. The ammonia in urine was thought to disinfect mouths and whiten teeth, and urine remained a popular mouthwash ingredient until the 18th century.

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The Right Time For Kids to Play Dentist

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Kid holding a tooth that fell out

Parents, by lack of years of intense study and accreditation, are not dentists.

Children, despite what they might pick up on SpongeBob Square Pants, are definitely not dentists.

But are there instances where parents can be and may need to be their children’s in-house dentist for non-emergency and sentimental family situations that just can’t wait?

Yes, and we’re talking about baby teeth removal.

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Chocolate? Teeth’s Friend or Foe?

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Ah, chocolate. A sweet tasty friend anytime. Alas, an enemy of good oral health all the time.

Or is it? Has this delicious but villainous sweet that serves as the root cause of so many cavities been mislabeled? Recent studies emerging from all over the globe including Japan, England and the United States from impartial nutritionists support the fact that chocolate is effective at fighting cavities, plaque and tooth decay in the mouth.

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Should Your Teenager get an Oral Piercing?

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Piercings are a trendy way for teenagers to fit in with their friends and express themselves. Teens can pierce just about any part of their body, but it can be particularly concerning when your child gets an oral piercing. Tongue, lip and cheek piercings can damage teeth, gums and cause infections that can lead to more serious illnesses. The bottom line is that oral piercings may look cool, but they can cause a lot of issues down the road.

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Start the School Year off Right with a Dental Checkup

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A recent study concluded that students with poor oral health were three times more likely to miss school due to dental pain. On average, dental issues cause children to miss just over two days of school every year. Absences from school can lead to lower grades, and constant oral pain can cause developmental issues and negatively affect children’s confidence. How can you keep your children in school with a healthy smile? Schedule a dental appointment before school begins!

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Teaching Kids Smart Ways of the Floss

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Little girl flossing her teeth

“May the floss be with you.” – Luke Skywalker, if he was a dentist fighting the Cavity Empire

For kids, at first sight tooth floss can look like the funny string dad uses to catch fish or the long handle they use to hold onto balloons.

Putting in their teeth can seem downright silly, like SpongeBob Square Pants silly.

But getting kids comfortable with using floss regularly from the time they get their first teeth can give them an invaluable weapon in the fight against cavities and tooth trouble.

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