How to Treat Your Child’s First Toothache

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For parents, there’s no greater pain than seeing your children in pain. And your child’s first toothache can be particularly distressing for parents searching for the best way to alleviate their child’s throbbing discomfort.

Toothaches have a variety of root causes. Most often, they are the result of a cavity. In some cases, a tooth may be broken. Still in other cases, the cause can be nothing more than a piece of food that has become wedged between teeth. But toothaches aren’t something you can expect to heal themselves or a matter the Tooth Fairy can take care of.

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Teaching Kids Smart Ways of the Floss

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Little girl flossing her teeth

“May the floss be with you.” – Luke Skywalker, if he was a dentist fighting the Cavity Empire

For kids, at first sight tooth floss can look like the funny string dad uses to catch fish or the long handle they use to hold onto balloons.

Putting in their teeth can seem downright silly, like SpongeBob Square Pants silly.

But getting kids comfortable with using floss regularly from the time they get their first teeth can give them an invaluable weapon in the fight against cavities and tooth trouble.

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Why Flossing Matters

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Woman flossing

Flossing is an important part of getting a healthy smile and keeping cavities and gum disease away. Yet, a recent study conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA) revealed that just over 50% of Americans floss daily, while nearly 19% don’t floss at all. But why is flossing so important?

Not Flossing Can Lead to Gum Disease

A full flossing routine should include cleaning teeth below the gum line, where dental plaque can go unseen and unreached by toothbrushes. If left untreated, plaque buildup near the root of teeth can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss. Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing are often an early sign of gum disease. People who regularly brush and floss their teeth suffer from gum disease and tooth decay far less than those that do not.

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Kids’ Cavity-Safe Plan

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Cavity prevention ranks right up there with homework and taking out the garbage among kids’ favorite topics to discuss. Heck, some kids may rather go to bed early than talk to their parents about what they’re doing to keep their teeth healthy.

But knowing how to eat healthy and practice good teeth hygiene is essential to kids’ overall oral and physical health. Because tooth decay, cavities and root canals are three of the least fun words in the English language, kids must know how they can avoid painful cavities and extra dentist visits through simple, easy – and dare we say fun – dental health steps.

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5 Brushing Blunders A Lot of People Make

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We all know how to brush our teeth, right? Unfortunately there are times when we may actually do more harm than good. Here are the five worst toothbrush blunders:

1. Brushing too hard.

Brushing with too much force can damage sensitive gums and wear away the protective enamel of your teeth. Try to brush as lightly as possible and consider using a soft bristled brush. Most people should avoid bristles labeled as “hard”.

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