How Kids Can Avoid a Halloween Nightmare on Sugar Street

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The scariest Halloween costume this year has nothing on what frightening looks kids’ teeth may be sporting if they enjoy All Hallows’ Eve to the sugary extreme. reports Americans will invest nearly $2.5 billion in candy this Halloween and the United States as a nation will scarf down 4 percent of its candy consumption for the year on the sweetest day of the calendar. That means October 31 could be a Nightmare On Sweet Street for your kids if they don’t enjoy Halloween in moderation.

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Fun Dentist Approved Stocking Stuffers

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Once the big gifts have been purchased, it’s time to buy the smaller stocking-stuffers.  A lot of times, these little items are enjoyed long after Christmas and can be more functional.  But functional doesn’t have to be boring and healthy teeth can be a fun part of Christmas.  Here are a few ideas to encourage kids to brush for two minutes, twice a day!

Sports Mouthguard

Does your child play sports? Unfortunately, a lot of kids are playing sports without adequately protecting their teeth.  If you have a child who plays an active sport, consider getting a mouthguard for Christmas.  Even if they already have one, a fun new color or style can get kids excited about staying in the habit of wearing it.

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