How Kids Can Avoid a Halloween Nightmare on Sugar Street

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The scariest Halloween costume this year has nothing on what frightening looks kids’ teeth may be sporting if they enjoy All Hallows’ Eve to the sugary extreme. reports Americans will invest nearly $2.5 billion in candy this Halloween and the United States as a nation will scarf down 4 percent of its candy consumption for the year on the sweetest day of the calendar. That means October 31 could be a Nightmare On Sweet Street for your kids if they don’t enjoy Halloween in moderation.

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Chocolate? Teeth’s Friend or Foe?

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Ah, chocolate. A sweet tasty friend anytime. Alas, an enemy of good oral health all the time.

Or is it? Has this delicious but villainous sweet that serves as the root cause of so many cavities been mislabeled? Recent studies emerging from all over the globe including Japan, England and the United States from impartial nutritionists support the fact that chocolate is effective at fighting cavities, plaque and tooth decay in the mouth.

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Halloween’s Scariest & Friendliest Candies

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Halloween season is the scariest, sweetest and sugariest time of the year. For kids, it’s Candy Christmas in October.

Think your child’s Walking Dead zombie costume or Count Dracula costume is scary? Just imagine  what all that candy they’ll be chowing down on this Halloween may be doing to their teeth.

Halloween is also the most terrifying time of the year for kids’ teeth health, thanks to the five-course feast of sugar, corn syrup, chocolate and other tooth-weakening ingredients on the menu for the sugariest night of the year.

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Soda’s War On Your Child’s Teeth

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Good news for teeth: Soda consumption in the U.S. is falling.  For the eighth-straight year soda consumption has decreased to its lowest level since 1987.  Many school districts have banned sugary carbonated beverages from their cafeterias.  Well-known politicians have attempted to limit access to large quantities of soda, and even the national “Let’s Move” campaign is urging kids to drink water instead of soda.

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You’ll Be Surprised at the Hidden Sugar in these Foods

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The processed food industry has made the job of cutting out sugar even more difficult for consumers.  Foods we wouldn’t necessarily consider full of sugar, even healthy foods, are often sugar bombs in disguise.  Reducing the amount of sugar your family eats is not only a great idea for keeping mouths healthy, but it can also have tremendous benefits to overall health.  Here are a few of the worst sneaky sugar offenders.

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