How to Take the Teeth Out of Teething Pain

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Baby biting parent's finger during teething

As I watch my five-week-old daughter (thankfully) sleep peacefully, I’m silently dreading the painful cries and discomfort that are just a few months down the road. Unfortunately, they will be cries she can sink her new teeth into.

Alas, the beauty of baby teeth comes with a rough caveat: There will likely be screams, tears and my own fears of feeling helpless to ease her pain. The teething process can be extremely tough on infants, leading to tender and puffy gums.

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7 Tips for Teething Babies

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Teething can be an uncomfortable time for babies, with little gums experiencing tenderness and swelling as emerging teeth break through the surface.  In light of a recent FDA warning against using lidocaine for teething infants, we wanted to put together a few helpful tips for managing this sometimes-difficult time for your child.

Massage sore gums.

Gently rubbing your baby’s tender gums with a clean finger or soft cloth can help alleviate some teething pain.  Applying slight pressure to the gums offers temporary relief from soreness and is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your child more comfortable.

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