Protecting Kids’ Teeth When Playing Sports

Protecting Kids' Teeth When Playing SportsAs a parent, your first priority is always your children’s safety. However, every parents wants to give their child a chance to excel in the sports and activities that they enjoy, even if it could lead to injuries. While it is important that your child has regular physical activity and learns how to get along as a team, there is always a chance that your child could get hurt when on the field. To help you protect their teeth when playing football, basketball, hockey, or soccer, Dr. Don Peterson, Jr., DDS at Coralville at Iowa Pediatric Dental Center has some tips for you.

Choosing a Mouth Guard

The optimal solution for protecting your child’s teeth is a mouth guard. This is a device that fits over the teeth similar to a retainer. Made from a flexible yet strong material, a mouth guard protects the teeth from getting knocked out. If your child plays sports that involve sticks, balls, or full-on contact, then a mouth guard is a must.

You can purchase mouth guards at most sports equipment stores. To ensure a good fit, you may need to try out a few different styles or brands to see what works best for your child. For example, there are boil and bite mouth guards that are made of a moldable material that can be formed around your child’s bite.
There are also more sturdy mouth guards geared toward children playing more aggressive sports.

Customized Mouth Guards

The reality is that the one size fits all mouth guard is not a good fit for most children playing sports. Fortunately, there is a solution. Contact Dr. Don Peterson, Jr., DDS in Cedar Rapids IA to request a customized mouth guard for children.

This type of mouth guard is made right here in our dental office and is designed to fit your child’s teeth perfectly. It is made from a high-impact material that fits over the teeth like a glove. Your child will be able to wear this without complaint, and the mouth guard will not stick out like a sore thumb.

Ask about getting a mouth guard in a particular color or with a customized logo or text. We can also trim your mouth guard to reduce the gag reflex. If you need a helmet strap or identical mouth guard to use let us know during your visit.

Contact Our Dentist

Here at Iowa Pediatric Dental Center, our goal is to help your child protect their happy smile with proper dental services. As a pediatric dentist, we also specialize in gentle, kid-friendly dental cleanings and checkups. We make going to the dentist fun and exciting so that your child grows up without a fear of dental visits.

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