Iowa Pediatric Dental Center | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Welcome to Iowa Pediatric Dental Center in Cedar Rapids, where your children know they’re someplace special and fun from the moment they walk in the door!

We believe your child’s first dentist appointment is the most important one. If the visit is an enjoyable experience, your child is much less likely to be anxious about seeing the dentist regularly and taking great care of his/her smile.

Beyond the exceptional and gentle care from our dental team, your child will also find books, toys, video games and fun structures to add to the overall experience. We also have flat screen televisions in each room to help pass the time.

What to Expect

We encourage you to schedule your child’s first visit around his/her first birthday. This will allow us to evaluate the development of your child’s mouth and make recommendations on how to care for these new teeth. We also help educate parents on prevention techniques, because we believe the best dentistry starts at home! Learn More >>

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